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Nate is the UX professional you want on your team. 

He combines top notch visual design skills with a great understanding of information architecture and interaction design. 

- Jason Schklar, UX & Product Consultant

For over 13 years my goal as a designer has been to help businesses reach (or exceed) their objectives but also keep user needs center stage.

With a strong visual design background, I am skilled at multiple levels of the product design process — research, wireframing, rapid prototyping & testing of assumptions, branding, releasing a polished product, and improving the product after launch.


Case Studies

Poptropica Original - Web and Mobile Game
CLIENTS Pearson Education, Family Education Network, StoryArc Media
What Research, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping & Testing, UI Design, Art Direction, Game Design, Character Design, Illustration, Branding, Custom Advertising
ResultS 3.5 million players a month, 123 million page views per month, 26 min session average, Featured in the Apple and Google app stores. Positive user reviews. Licensed by Pearson for teaching ESL worldwide, Revenue generated through custom advertising, IAP, and subscriptions
Poptropica Worlds - Web and Mobile Game
Client StoryArc Media
What Research, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping & Testing, UI Design, Art Direction, Game Design, Illustration, Branding
ResultS +700K downloads, Featured in the Apple and Google app stores, Improved average level completion rates from .71% to 1.29%. Positive user reviews, Revenue generated through custom advertising and subscriptions
Adventure Pig - Mobile Game
Clients StoryArc Media, Sudden Industries
What Research, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping & Testing, UI Art Direction, Advertisement Design
ResultS Featured in the Apple and Google app stores, Positive user reviews, Revenue generated through advertising

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He's a talented UX/UI designer with a strong footing in research and data. He's got sharp intuition and still values testing his own assumptions and designs. You can trust Nate to take a requirement and run with it: he'll mock concepts, communicate them, prototype them, test, iterate, and quickly land at a beautiful user design. Additionally, he's great to work with and has an awesome personality and work style. He's a strong addition to any team.

Christine Capota

Product and Innovation Coach

Nate exemplifies the best principles of UI and UX through his empathy for our players and his focus on always creating an outstanding design that also furthers the story we're telling and delivers a better user experience. In addition to his exemplary UI/UX approach, I've also had the pleasure of seeing the direct business impact of Nate's work across significant KPIs, including retention and purchase conversion. Nate is one of the best there is.

Jen MacLean

Executive Director at International Game Developers Association (IGDA®) & Managing Director at IGDA Foundation

Nate is also able to deliver flows, wireframes and basic user interface designs quickly and cleanly and does a good job of explaining his process, approach and reasoning behind his recommended solutions. 

Most importantly, Nate has a passion for his work which makes him a joy to work with. He’s a great team player and is happy to lead when the opportunity arises.

Bob Holmes

CEO at Sudden Industries and Owner, Sudden Industries